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Lisa’s Story

Lisa McGuire is a passionate designer, trained metalsmith, and motivated entrepreneur committed to sourcing and creating local, sustainable, and environmentally conscious products.

Since her early childhood days, Lisa has always been drawn to art. Inspired by her aunt—a sculptor and quilter—Lisa tinkered with crafting, doll-making, making clothing, ceramic molds, and more. Her penchant for art evolved into a bona fide passion for creating. Trained at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in Art Metals, Lisa dedicated her studies to developing expertise in a variety of areas including: mokume (Japanese metalworking), casting, welding, enameling, etching, and traditional metalsmithing. After graduating in 2011, Lisa launched her first jewelry line, focusing particularly on sterling silver and setting found objects, expanding her aesthetic through art shows in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida.

As her love for making jewelry grew, Lisa decided to take her passion to the next level, opening Cloth & Metal in 2019. Committed to providing both quality and sustainable products, Cloth & Metal hand selects clothing and materials made locally and nationally with a specific focus on conservation. When you’re in the store, you’ll notice her hangers look different, made solely from recycled, 100% non-toxic paper and cardboard—just one example of the many efforts Lisa takes to maintain an environmentally conscious establishment. In addition, Cloth & Metal advocates for advancing women through several efforts, one of which includes being a sponsor for the UW Carbone Cancer Center. You might find her work profiled in places like BRAVA, Lakeshore Living, Madison’s Chanel 3000, or Madison Essentials. Since her earliest days of designing in the basement of her own home, Lisa is dedicated to supporting women find beautiful pieces lovingly crafted and curated by herself. When you step into Cloth & Metal, you’ll find a warm, dog-friendly welcoming space filled with stylish clothing, handmade jewelry, and handcrafted candles.

Cloth & Metal Yellow Framed Dress

The Story Behind the Framed Dress

When Lisa was 16, her aunt found a classic 1920s dress hand-sewn with glass beads in an antique store. Lisa’s aunt promised Lisa she could have the dress once she opened her own store after watching Lisa spend her free time designing and making clothing and jewelry of her own. This special, sentimental treasure is framed in the entrance of Cloth & Metal. Lisa loves that this dress has its own story and now there is a new story for behind it.

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