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Cloth & Metal Maven West
Cloth & Metal Central Park West
Cloth & Metal Bella Dahl
Cloth & Metal 360 Cashmere
Cloth & Metal Grey One Day
Cloth & Metal Tyler Boe
Cloth & Metal LA Made Clothing

Cloth & Metal carries some of today’s trendiest fashion brands, including 360 Cashmere/Skull Cashmere, Bella Dahl, Central Park West, One Grey Day, Maven West, Tyler Böe, and LA Made. At Cloth & Metal, we believe in the power of clothes to help the wearer make a statement, tell a story, or simply feel more confident. Every item of clothing in our boutique is hand-selected by the boutique’s owner, Lisa, who carefully considers value, quality, and style as she makes her selections with the Cloth & Metal customer in mind.

Visitors to the store might notice that Cloth & Metal hangers look a bit different than most. That’s because they’re made from recycled paper and are 100% non-toxic. Lisa has partnered with Ditto Hangers to help keep 34 billion plastic hangers from filling landfills each year. Together, we’re saving the planet — one hanger at a time. On top of using eco-friendly bags, Lisa has made it a priority to use bags from recycled paper to continue to make a positive mark on the environment. Stop in to check out our eco-friendly initiatives!

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